Girl Scouts Take Over the Airwaves at Cox Media

Troop 008 recently took over the airwaves, along with Girl Scouts of Citrus’s own VP of Membership & Marketing, Emiko Beck. The Cox Radio public affairs show is hosted by Beth Perrell, also the troop’s Co-Leader. The interview aired on 5 of Cox Media’s six central Florida Cox stations (WDBO, ESPN-Orlando, WWKA, WPYO, WMMO, WWKA.)


Hazel, Emily, Issie, Alexis and Faith talked about all of their memories throughout different Girl Scout adventures, and how Girl Scouts is a place to be with your friends, relax, and do whatever YOU want to do. They encouraged all girls – Daisies to teens – to join Girl Scouts today.

Beth and Maria, Co-Leaders for Troop 008, highlighted that Girl Scouts gives their daughters ways to give back to the community, and provides special mother-daughter time that they can’t get anywhere else. The girls chimed in to remind them that dads are an important part of the Girl Scout equation too, helping teach specific skills and often driving and chaperoning for activities. 


The best part of the entire gig? The girls took they lead! Plus, they got a behind-the-scenes look at the radio studio and the production process for a news interview. It’s all part of earning their Cadette Public Speaker badge. Way to go, girls!

Central Florida Women Honored for Inspirational Leadership

Visionaries Recognized for Contribution to Orlando’s Vibrancy & Innovation

Five of Central Florida’s visionaries received the coveted Woman of Distinction award from the Girl Scouts of Citrus on September 17, 2016. In their 19th year, the awards pay tribute to women whose actions improve their communities, organizations and the world, and who embody the core principles of Girl Scouting: courage, confidence and character.

The 2016 honorees, announced Saturday, September 17 are:

Leadership – Mayor Teresa Jacobs


Lifetime Achievement – Beverly Paulk 


Community Impact – Allison Walsh 


Visionary – Janet Perez-Eckles 


Shining Star – Jordan Plante 


All proceeds from the event and silent auction directly benefit programs in the six Central Florida counties served by Girl Scouts of Citrus.

Thanks to support gained from the event, our girls are already receiving 3 life vests, 2 cane poles, 2 kayak paddles, 3 archery targets, 2 paddle boats, and 2 15’ motor boats to help with the safety of our girls in water activities at both Mah-Kah-Wee and Riverpoint!

Congratulations to our Women of Distinction 2016!


Butterfly Garden Beauty for Troops 983 and 2189


Girl Scout Troops 983 and 2189 teamed up to renovated the Butterfly Garden at Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay.

During the ribbon cutting, Mayor Capote came out to see the hard work the girls put into this awesome project. And check out their selfie!


We’ve got the story first-hand from leader, Wendy White:

Girl Scout Troops 983 and 2189 teamed up to renovate the Butterfly Garden at Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay. The butterfly garden is first and foremost when you first enter the sanctuary and was in dire need of beautification. These 2 troops mostly comprised of 8th graders (13-14 year olds) didn’t know each other before the leaders connected to make this project happen. While it seemed a very daunting and difficult task for one small troop to accomplish, when the 2 troops joined forces they were able to show our community what girls can accomplish!

They totally cleared out the land, laid new landscaping timbers and secured them with rebar. They researched butterfly garden appropriate flowers, purchased the flowers, planted them, and re-mulched the entire area. They even learned about irrigation by figuring out the zones on the irrigation system and figured out what needed to be done to make the sprinkler work most effectively. They left their mark by constructing a new bench and learned wood burning to add their names to the bench. During the ribbon cutting, Mayor Capote came out to see the hard work the girls put into this awesome project.

A big THANKS to Rockledge Gardens, Maple Street Natives, Home Depot and BJs wholesale club for donations that helped fund this project.


New Troop Leaders FAQ

As a new troop leader, we know you are super excited to get started but might still have a few questions before you get going. Check out some of the top questions we receive from new troop leaders:

How do I get girls in my troop? 

Once your Troop number is assigned and you choose to display it in our Opportunity Catalog, parents and guardians in your area can enter their zip code will be able to see how many girls you’re accepting, when you’re meeting are, and the location. If you know any girls personally that would like to join, you can get their parents to register them and they can search for your troop specifically.

What is the Opportunity Catalog? 

Our Opportunity Catalog displays all available girl openings in troops and volunteer positions that need to be filled. It also has specific meeting locations, times, and dates for troops that choose to display that information. You can update your troop’s data from home and it will be open for parents in your area to see. 

How do I get a meeting location? 

When your troop number has been given to you and you are setting up your Opportunity Catalog details, you can opt to either hold the meetings at your home or your co-leaders home. Our onboarding team can also find a location near you. Typically meetings are held at schools, churches, or libraries.

When can I start my meetings? 

 As soon as your background check is complete and you’ve finished your trainings you can set up your meeting time and day in the Opportunity Catalog and get started! 

What do I do with my Troop at the meetings? 

There are a variety of programs/activities available depending on the age level of your troop that you can work on with your girls. A list is available on our website. You can also utilize our Volunteer Tool Kit (VTK) and organize each meeting with what your girls will be working on and how long it will take them to earn certain badges.

What it the Volunteer Tool Kit? 

Our VTK is an online system for Daisy, Brownie, and Junior troops that pre-populates your meetings throughout the year. It can be downloaded on mobile devices and will be very helpful in getting you started. It contains Girl Scout traditions, you can keep track of the girl’s attendance, holds your troops finance reports, and tons of other vital information for you.

 When do we get to sell Girl Scout Cookies? 

Girls will pre-order their Cookies in December and Cookie season begins in January! When you receive your boxes your girls can begin to sell the product. The money they earn will go towards future troop field trips, celebrations, or just towards activities you wish to do with them. They also get prizes/recognitions, and badges when they sell certain amounts of the Cookies. We have an online program called SNAP you can use to manage the sales of your troop. Your girls also have the opportunity to sell our fall products in September. 

What are the council office and shop hours?

Our council office is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. And Tuesdays 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. The Council Shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. And Tuesdays 10 a.m – 7 p.m. 

How can I receive the council email newsletter?

It’s easy! Just sign up here and you will start receiving our monthly newsletter AND our super cool Program at a Glance which will include all the great program and event opportunities coming your way each month.

Got other questions? We gotcha covered! Check out these great resources for more information you need as a troop leader:

Council Website

Citrus Council Facebook Page

Citrus Council Twitter Page

Customer Care Contact Information: or call 800-367-3906

Early Bird Incentive Drawing Winners

Early Bird


We want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to all our Early Bird Incentive drawing winners!

Troop Incentive Winners:

Week 1 

Week 3  
1229, 1059, 1741, 1548, 4706, 2051

Week 4  

Week 5

Week 6
482, 726, 931, 723, 9022, 719


Community Incentive Winners:

Week 1 

Mishawaka, Roadrunner, Star Angels

Week 2  

Roadrunner, Star Angels

Week 3  
Star Angels

Up and Running Friendship Troops
Friendship, Heart Of Lake, Mishawaka, South Lake, Star Angels, Atlantic Shores, Sunrise, Infinity

2017 Fully Staffed Community Team

Friendship, Imagine, Mishawaka, Star Angels, Voyager, Sunrise, Sparkling River, Roadrunner, Ohana, Manatee Shores, Infinity, Dr Win, East Orange, Green oaks, Park Trails, West Orange 

Looking for a fun summer activity?

summer readingCalling all girls, parents and troop leaders! Are you looking for a fun activity this summer? Why not help your girls get a summer reading patch?

Getting started is easy!

  1. Get your book log here:
  2. Girl Scouts complete a book log to receive the fun patch.
  3. Provide the book log to your troop leader(s).
  4. Purchase your fun patch at the GSC Council Shop.

Need some inspiration for how to get started?

Girl Scouts from Seminole County

Visit a Seminole County Public Library, sign up for the Summer Reading Program, complete the book log and receive a free book at

Read 10 books or 300 pages, complete the online Z Kids’ Summer Book Club form and receive a Chick-fil-A treat coupon at the Tuskawilla location.

Let’s Read Seminole! Visit the Big Red Bus Bookmobile. Read and complete the SCPS Summer Reading Initiative log. Turn in the completed log(s) to your school. The bookmobile schedule can be found at

Participate in the Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading program (first-sixth grade) and receive a book.

Book and DVD donations can be provided to the Seminole County Public Library. Please bring donations inside the library. Do not place in the book return bins.

Girl Scouts from Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Orange, Lake & Osceola

Complete a book log from the Summer Reading library program and receive a book.

Participate in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (first-sixth grade) and receive a book.






Our special thanks to volunteer Denice Breen for creating this wonderful program for our girls!