Early Bird Incentive Drawing Winners

Early Bird


We want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to all our Early Bird Incentive drawing winners!

Troop Incentive Winners:

Week 1 

Week 3  
1229, 1059, 1741, 1548, 4706, 2051

Week 4  

Week 5

Week 6
482, 726, 931, 723, 9022, 719


Community Incentive Winners:

Week 1 

Mishawaka, Roadrunner, Star Angels

Week 2  

Roadrunner, Star Angels

Week 3  
Star Angels

Up and Running Friendship Troops
Friendship, Heart Of Lake, Mishawaka, South Lake, Star Angels, Atlantic Shores, Sunrise, Infinity

2017 Fully Staffed Community Team

Friendship, Imagine, Mishawaka, Star Angels, Voyager, Sunrise, Sparkling River, Roadrunner, Ohana, Manatee Shores, Infinity, Dr Win, East Orange, Green oaks, Park Trails, West Orange 

Looking for a fun summer activity?

summer readingCalling all girls, parents and troop leaders! Are you looking for a fun activity this summer? Why not help your girls get a summer reading patch?

Getting started is easy!

  1. Get your book log here: http://gstroop4031.ScoutLander.com.
  2. Girl Scouts complete a book log to receive the fun patch.
  3. Provide the book log to your troop leader(s).
  4. Purchase your fun patch at the GSC Council Shop.

Need some inspiration for how to get started?

Girl Scouts from Seminole County

Visit a Seminole County Public Library, sign up for the Summer Reading Program, complete the book log and receive a free book at http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/departments-services/leisure-services/seminole-county-library/kids-page/.

Read 10 books or 300 pages, complete the online Z Kids’ Summer Book Club form and receive a Chick-fil-A treat coupon at the Tuskawilla location.

Let’s Read Seminole! Visit the Big Red Bus Bookmobile. Read and complete the SCPS Summer Reading Initiative log. Turn in the completed log(s) to your school. The bookmobile schedule can be found at http://www.letsread.scps.k12.fl.us.

Participate in the Barnes and Nobles Summer Reading program (first-sixth grade) www.barnesandnoble.com/b/summer-reading/_/N-rs9 and receive a book.

Book and DVD donations can be provided to the Seminole County Public Library. Please bring donations inside the library. Do not place in the book return bins.

Girl Scouts from Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Orange, Lake & Osceola

Complete a book log from the Summer Reading library program and receive a book.

Participate in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (first-sixth grade) www.barnesandnoble.com/b/summer-reading/_/N-rs9 and receive a book.

Orange: http://calendar.ocls.info/evanced/sr/homepage.asp

Brevard: http://www.brevardcounty.us/PublicLibraries/ChildrensSummerProgramming/ 

Volusia: http://volusialibrary.org/kids/

Lake: http://www.mylakelibrary.org/youth/default.aspx

Osceola: http://www.myosceolalibrary.org/

Our special thanks to volunteer Denice Breen for creating this wonderful program for our girls!

Helping the Pulse Tragedy Survivors and Families

Over the last week, we have been so grateful and proud of how many troops and individuals have reached out to us asking for ways to help our community after the tragic events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Now, we have another important way that troops, volunteers and families can help:

Citrus Council has been called upon to provide comfort to the families of hospitalized survivors by way of providing food to sustain them as they gather and wait in the hospital (Location: Orlando Regional Medical Center) lobby each day.

Please do:

    • Wear Girl Scout identifying clothing, uniforms for girls if they are accompanying you.
    • Let the Orlando Health lobby staff know that Community Relations personnel authorized Girl Scout representatives to drop off approved food items to assist in feeding victim’s families.
    • Only bring items that are sealed packages or fresh foods that are restaurant/store prepared (such as sandwich platters, wing platters, etc.).  Fresh fruits that are whole (bananas, apples, oranges) may also be donated.  
    • Only bring sealed individual drinks that are canned or bottled and have never been opened.
    • Limit the number of people entering the hospital during food drop off if your are dropping at the hospital, this is not a concern if dropping off at the Council office.
    • If you are not in the Orlando area, but wish to participate, please feel free to mail or electronically deliver restaurant cards with which we will purchase and deliver fresh food items.  (Chick Fil A is preferred due to convenient location and healthy choices, but all options are welcome)

Please don’t:

    • Bring homemade food items of any kind.
    • Ask to speak with any survivor family members or medical personnel.  We have been asked to take the utmost care in protecting the privacy of the families.
    • Go to the Orlando Health lobby in large groups, keeping it to a few representatives of your group/troop would be appreciated by the Orlando Health staff.

There are three ways to lend to this effort

    • Representatives from your troop may directly provide items listed below, particularly fresh food platters, to the hospital lobby or community affairs representative as noted above.  This is most needed over the weekend between 1 and 6 p.m.
    • Items listed below may be dropped off at the Mills office this week between 9 and 6 Monday through Thursday and staff will deliver to the hospital daily.
    • Or, you may mail gift cards for restaurants from which we can purchase sandwich platters or other “grab and go” type of food items.

Ideas of what to donate:

  • Fresh food platters from places such as Panera, Public, Chick-Fil-A, Tijuana Flats, Jason’s Deli, and other restaurants that sell platters.
  • Canned and Bottled Drinks
  • Individual Chips, granola bars, other snacks
  • Fresh fruit like apples and bananas

Please remember to mention to ORMC staff that they were told by the Community Relations personnel that they could make drop offs.

Reminder: Meeting with doctors, victims, and their family is not a possibility, but generosity is appreciated and welcome.

Nominations are open!


Think about it for a moment. Is there a woman you admire for her leadership ability? One who didn’t hesitate to tackle a significant problem facing her community? One who displayed courage and initiative as she led her organization on the tough road to success? One who serves as an outstanding role model and mentor for young women?

You’ve immediately thought of someone –a remarkable woman who inspires and motivates others.

Now is the time to recognize the remarkable women in our community by nominating them for a Women of Distinction award.

Nominations are open to all women leaders in Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties whose actions improve their communities, organizations and the world, and who embody the core principles of Scouting: courage, confidence and character.

Any woman residing in the six-county region is eligible for the award, whether or not she was a Girl Scout and self-nominations are accepted.

Being nominated for this award is an honor in and of itself. All you need to do is complete the nomination: http://www.gscitruswomenofdistinction.org. It only takes a little thought and effort, and is well worth the investment.

This year’s nomination categories are:

  • Visionary (Courage)
  • Leadership (Confidence)
  • Lifetime Achievement (Character)
  • Community Impact (Change)
  • Shining Star (Capable) **nominees must be between the ages of 18 and 29**

The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 31st at 5:00 p.m. and can be submitted electronically by visiting http://www.gscitruswomenofdistinction.org.

This year’s distinguished event will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2016 at Rosen Shingle Creek.

S’more ideas for a fun campfire!


smoreS’mores are the quintessential camp food for girls and parents around the country. What could be better than roasting a fluffy marshmallow and squishing it between two crispy graham crackers and gooey melted chocolate? Not much…BUT we have a few ideas to add a fun “twist” to this classic camp food:


Peanut butter fun

Milk chocolate is traditional but why not mix it up by using a peanut butter cup to the center of your sandwich?

Pass the cookies!

We love the crispy taste of a graham cracker but why not mix it up? Try using chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies as a simple way to add a lot of flavor around the campfire. (Also another great way to enjoy your favorite Girl Scout Cookies!)

Something fruity

We love sweets but there is nothing wrong with adding a little healthy snack at the same time! Try adding sliced strawberries for a kick of fruit to round out this bedtime snack.

Like a salty snack?

A fun (but messy!) way to mix it up is using pretzels instead of graham crackers to hold all that marshmallowy, chocolately deliciousness!

Not into chocolate?

That’s okay, chocolate isn’t for everyone. Try using jam (peach, raspberry, strawberry, grape, etc.) on your graham crackers before topping with a roasted marshmallow.

What’s your favorite way to eat a s’more around the campfire? Share your ideas below!

5 Awesome Summer Fun Activities for Troops


Summer is usually marked by the end of regular troop meetings until the new school year. But staying in touch is an easy way to keep the fun of Girl Scouts going all year round! While your troop may choose not to meet every week, here are a few great ways to keep your girls engaged on summer vacation:

1)      Attend a Girl Scout program or event: Many girls attend summer camps during the summer, but we keep super cool one day events going on all summer too! This is a great opportunity for girls to stay active with subjects like STEM, sports and other great activities. Stay up-to-date by checking out our event calendar here.

2)      Have a troop social day: Just because regular troop meetings have ended, doesn’t mean the girls can’t coordinate a fun day together. During your last few meetings during the school year, plan on a day out to the zoo or maybe your local pool as a troop outing in June or July.

3)      Volunteer together: A simple way to give back during the summer is to decide on a community service project for girls to participate in together. Check out your local animal shelter or other organization your girls are interested in supporting and arrange for volunteer opportunities when school ends.

4)      Develop a summer reading list:  Just because school is out, doesn’t mean girls can’t take advantage of the time to do something academic and fun! Create a summer reading challenge for the girls to participate in and give a reading fun patch in the fall when school is back in session. (Check out the council shop for more fun patch ideas!)

5)      Earn some extra awards and recognitions: We all know the school year is busy and sometimes it is hard to fit in all the cool badges and awards Girl Scouts has to offer. Summer is an awesome time for girls who are interested in earning extra awards (like the Daisy Safety Pin or perhaps their My Promise, My Faith award) that they might not have gotten a chance to complete during the year. Or use the time to pick out a Journey for your girls to complete.

Those are just a couple of quick ideas to get you started on your summer Girl Scout plan. Sit with your girls and let them brainstorm ways to stay involved. But most important, have a safe and fun summer!

Girl Scouts of Citrus & J.O.S.H. – A Sweet Partnership



On Saturday, April 30th, a group of volunteers from Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers (J.O.S.H.) and Girl Scouts of Citrus Voice girls and staff gathered with one goal in mind: packing up cookies for our troops overseas. It was an early start but everyone arrived with enthusiasm as they looked over the large pallets filled with Girl Scout cookies just waiting to be boxed up. 

IMG_0600J.O.S.H. is a volunteer led and operated non-profit organization operating near Orlando, FL. It began when the founder’s nephew, Josh, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. Kathy learned of the soldiers serving on the front lines with no access to stores to purchase snacks or basic hygiene products. Kathy was already shipping care packages to her nephew, but she knew she wanted to help his fellow soldiers as well.

The day began by packaging up over 2000 cases of Girl Scout cookies, which were donated IMG_0720by customers during the 2016 Cookie Program. The boxes were then carefully weighed and packed up on the truck for shipping. It was a lot of hard work, but with the help of dedicated volunteers and the girls from the Girl Scouts of Citrus VOICE group, it was an exciting day filled with a lot of fun and laughter. 

A big thanks to all the Citrus troops during the Cookie Program for supporting this amazing project!